Cure Bad Breath Permanently

Cure Bad Breath Permanently

Cure Bad Breath Permanently – With Water?

Cure Bad Breath Permanently
Bad breath affects 80% of the entire population on any given day. This is precisely why billions are spent each and every year trying to prevent halitosis. Unfortunately, the vast majority of products are a total waste of money because they either mask the halitosis or actually make the problem worse! How is this possible?For more than 90% of the population, the source of bad breath are tiny microbes known as anaerobic bacteria. These bacteria are always present in your mouth no matter how many times you brush your teeth, use mouthwash, or visit the dentist. Anaerobic bacteria feed upon the food left behind in the crevices of the teeth and soft tissue after eating and excrete VSC’s.VSC’s, or volatile sulfur compounds, actually produce the odors we hate so much. The larger the population of anaerobic bacteria, the more VSC’s they produce and the more severe the halitosis. Anaerobic bacteria breed very fast when there is a large food supply (i.e., when you don’t brush after meals!!) and the environment in your mouth is low in oxygen.So how do most bad breath products actually make the problem worse? Because they cause dehydration.That’s right, water-or actually your saliva-is the key to fighting halitosis and many of the most popular and best selling products actually cause dehydration. This is because the very ingredients used to control the anaerobic bacteria are chemicals and other synthesized ingredients. These substances are considered toxic by the body which elevates oxidation rates and causes dehydration.

But saliva is your best friend when it comes to curing bad breath once and for all by controlling the anaerobic bacteria in 4 ways: 임플란트 전문치과

Unfortunately, dehydration deprives us of the powerful oxidizing capacity we should have been naturally endowed with.

Hydrochlorophyll drinks us off – this has been proven clinically to be the most effective plant-based supplement available for controlling halitosis.

Self- Hydration- we have a specialized membrane in the salivary glands that absorbs and expel toxins as well as acting as a lubricant.

Medication- medications in our body are often crafted to either dry the mouth or physically make us hyper-toxidicated. These can cause dehydration as well.

Smoking- smoking actually causes halitosis as well, it masked the odor but didn’t eliminate the problem.

Poor Diet- low-carb diets used to be the halitosis culprit or in the olden days before we had fashioned sodas and beer trendy.

Poor hygiene- we don’t want to hear!  eliminate the odor entirely, it will only promote bad breath.

Unfortunately, dehydration is one of the most common and effective bad breath remedies we’ve got. So it is no wonder we’ve been fighting halitosis ever since the advice first came to us back in the 1500s.”

A New Mouth-eling

So if we had a powerful mouthwash, how could bad breath be eliminated?  antibacterial products contain chemicals that attempt to kill the anaerobic bacteria but they do not directly answer the question of how to stop bad breath.  They only act as a catalyst or catalyst to allow you to kill the anaerobic bacteria.

Antibacterial products contain the active ingredient chlorine dioxide which is only safe and effective if it comes in contact with water.  Chlorine dioxide is difficult to get in smaller concentrations so larger concentrations are needed to be effective.

Believe it or not lukewarm water get the chlorine dioxide molecules to interact with the bacteria and break them down and allow you to wash away the stinking smell.

Unfortunately, the very products with these anti-bacterial ingredients have the effect of drying out your mouth.  Exactly the opposite effect you wantwhen you want to fight halitosis.

You see, the solution is to create better saliva flow.  Most of us think of suffering from morning breath because we don’t drink water much.  You spaciously apply oxygen to the surface of your tongue and throat.  This oxygen is transfered to the bacteria and after in turn, triggers the release of the VSC’s causing halitosis.

The challenge is to stop the production of the VSC’s.  Believe it or not most of these chemicals can continue for many hours after you’ve applied them.  No wonder so many of these products are prominently advertised before using them.  Your sense of taste must be strong enough to endure the sensation for the product to remain effective.

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