Arlington Interfaith Council

The Arlington Interfaith Council (AIC) consists of representatives from forty-eight Arlington faith communities and eighteen Helping Hands Agencies that provide direct services to people in need. Contributions from member congregations provide grants so that  agencies can help the homeless, feed the hungry, assist ex-offenders and victims of domestic violence, and put supplies in the backpacks of homeless children. AIC holds monthly meetings where members learn about community issues, share strategies, get to know one another and recruit volunteers. Meetings are open to interested visitors.


Mission Statement: to provide tangible religious witness in the community trhough promotion of understanding and cooperation among member congregations and to develop and support programs to alleviate suffering and promote justice for residents of Arlington County.


          Next meeting General Membership Meeting: 

                                 Monday June 15, 2015

                      Cherrydale United Methodist Church

                      3701 Lorcum Lane, Arlington, VA 22207

                       7:15pm to 7:30 pm Meet and Greet

                       7:30pm Meeting

                       Subject:  Distribution of Checks to Helping Hand  

                                       Agencies.  This is final meeting of AIC.  The 

                                       membership voted at the last meeting to   

                                       dissolve AIC at the recommendation of AIC 

                                       leadership.  Over the years, AIC has filled

                                       critical social safety net gaps.  These gaps

                                       are now filled by a well developed and

                                       established network of not-profits with public

                                       and other funding far more than AIC ever

                                       could.  AIC's mission continues to be filled by

                                       these far better financed organizations with

                                       paid professional staff and far more resources

                                       than AIC ever had.  The member churches

                                       played a critical community leadership role in

                                       the creation of this network and advocacy

                                       for the less fortunate whose voices are not

                                       heard.  Keep the faith and never stop pursuing

                                       this important mission because it has been

                                       and can be accomplished even better and far

                                       more effectively. Thank your support of AIC



See News and Calendar on this site for members' activities